Frame of Praise

One of the major pillars of red-pill is the subject of “frame”, and the red-pill gets it right. The short of it is that in any interpersonal interaction is subject to a frame, the setting of the basis for and the rules (universally unstated) of that interaction and often the larger relationship between the people.

Worship, including and especially the singing of praise is subject to being in a frame.    The question is who’s frame?

Counterfeit psalms, mostly referred to as “hymns” express the writer’s frame of heart, mind and emotion.   They bring the singer into the composer/writer’s frame.   Because these counterfeits are authored by mere men (and women) they necessarily put and keep the singer and the listeners in the frame of the author.

The authentic Psalms (the 150 Psalms of the Bible)  are the same in that regard.  By singing them, the worshiper enters and remains in God’s frame.  This what Paul is getting at in Eph 5:18 when he says to be filled with the Spirit,and in Col 3:16 that the word of Christ dwell richly in you.  Paul is exhorting us to remain in Christ’s frame when we worship, and the singing of the Word of Christ and the Songs of the Spirit do just that.   Songs written by mere men are not the Word of Christ, and they are not the songs of the Spirit.

Acceptable worship can only happen in God’s frame.  The use of counterfeits instead of the Word of Christ, breathed out by the Holy Ghost of the 150 Psalms willfully replaces God’s frame with a man-centered frame.  Rightly did Isaiah the prophet say of such that in vain do they worship, teaching for doctrine the commandment of men.  In quoting this Jesus teaches that we are to be in his frame — he sets (and is) the basis for our relationship and interactions with God and he sets the rules.

Many will object and say, but our “hymns” are about God, about Christ. That is entirely beside the point.  Thinking, talking, writing or singing about God or Christ doesn’t entail being in any specific frame.   The serpent was hardly in God’s frame when he was tempting Adam and Eve in the garden.  The devil wasn’t in God’s frame when he was tempting Christ in the wilderness, even when he was quoting Psalm 91.  Of course the devil in using Psalm 91 didn’t enter God’s frame (despite what was said above) because his motive and actions are the same as they always are: he is a liar and murderer from the beginning (John 8:44).

Singing the Psalms is worship in God’s frame.  Singing of counterfeit psalms is non-worship and not in God’s frame.



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