Rebuilding the Tower

A long time ago in the history of the world, although not that long after God had judged the world that was with a great global flood the men of the day determined to have a single world government.  Despite the fact that God had commanded for people to spread out and fill the earth again, they determined that one world government ruled from one place would be better.

And it just so happened that this one world government was located in the kingdom of Nimrod.  He is described to us as “the mighty hunter before the LORD”. [Gen 10:9,10].  His kingdom would be the global government.    A global government needs a suitably impressive government building program.  It needs an impressive capitol, that would dominate the landscape and even the sky reaching to heaven.

God however disapproved (obviously) of a single world government, since He had commanded them to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, which had just been entirely depopulated [Gen 9:1,7].  So God came down and confused the language of the people and scattered them across the face of the whole earth. [Gen 11:7,8]

From that time until now the earth was divided into nations.  Those nations determined by family and language.  As the population grew and families and nations grew, their language further grew apart and nations became ever more specific.

There have been wars of nation against nation. There have been empires rising to rule over many nations.  Through all that history, however,  the basic structure of government has been many different nations, defined by family and language.

Many today long for one global government.  No borders, no nations: everyone a citizen of the world.   We are told nationalism is racism, and racism is the worst of all sins.   The only way to avoid (or repent of) racism is destroy nation and nationalism.  Globalism is the only cure for racism.

God judged globalism definitively at Babel.  Globalism is ungodly.

In the great commission, Jesus says: “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, …” He didn’t say erect a global government.  He didn’t say “unite all nations as one”.

Like in the days just after the flood when Nimrod built his city and tower to reach to heaven to be the king of the world, so today the globalists want to be the king of the world.  They want to displace Jesus as the anointed king of all the world.   They know Christ is their chief enemy.  So they work to destroy Christian churches and nations in their attempt to usurp Christ the king, and “make us a name”.

Go ahead build a global government.  Try.  Fight a against the LORD and his anointed.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. [Psalm 2:4] It is Christ who is sitting and reigning (over all creation) in heaven and laughs at them in scorn.

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